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Enjoy Your NIOs On Any Occasion.


Lunch With NIO Cocktails

Enjoy your lunch recipe with NIO Cocktails.

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How To Serve Your NIO Cocktail

Enhance your cocktail box with NIO Cocktails Tumblers and an XL Ice Mould.

Create The Perfect Home Bar

If you’re planning on creating your own home bar, or have recently got one and need some help with how to fill it, we’ve got you covered! We’ve created a list of some of the must-have items and spirits to create a professional-looking bar at home. Cl

Summer With NIO Cocktails

Having a picnic or just want some cocktails to enjoy in the sun? You’ll love our day-to-evening cocktails, created by master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi. Each one is premixed and ready to serve in a minute, so you won’t have to miss a moment of that

Dinner With NIO Cocktails

Looking to host a dinner party with your NIOs? Our Best-seller Cocktail Box is the perfect box to enjoy over dinner with 6 unbeatable favourites to enjoy the perfect introduction to Italian cocktail culture - or simply stock up your bar. We've also l

Dessert With NIO Cocktails

While aperitivo cocktails are designed to stimulate the appetite before a meal, other cocktails are to be enjoyed as a dessert. Rich, indulgent and delicious, dessert cocktails can range from chocolate to coffee flavoured and are the ultimate treat.

Games Night With NIO Cocktails

Inviting friends over for games night? NIO Cocktails have got you covered. Simply have all the ready-to-drink cocktails delivered to each invitee and pair each cocktail with a different game or a different part of the evening. As a general rule, the

On the Go With NIO Cocktails

Looking to pack your NIOs abroad? Here are the dimenssions of our cocktail boxes to help with travel. Enhance your serve with NIO Cocktails Tumblers and an XL Ice Mould.