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Games Night With NIO CocktailsUpdated a year ago

Inviting friends over for games night? NIO Cocktails have got you covered. Simply have all the ready-to-drink cocktails delivered to each invitee and pair each cocktail with a different game or a different part of the evening. 

Building The Cocktail Box 

As a general rule, the type of cocktail should depend on the type of party and the guests, of course. But to finish off our guide into the world of virtual party planning, here are a few classic cocktail party tips you might want to consider:

Build a bespoke box of pre-made cocktails and have them dispatched to each invitee if you really want to cut down on the complications. 

Don’t choose cocktails that are too strong. A good virtual games night should last well into the wee hours and you don’t want everyone swinging from the rafters before midnight!

Enhance your games night with NIO Cocktails Tumblers and an XL Ice Mould.

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