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NIO Cocktails Sustainability Pledge


Planet Conscious

The planet has always been at the forefront of our decisions. Our practices have always put human capital and environmental resources first, according to a People Planet-Profit approach. We believe in the principles of corporate, social and ecologica

NIO Cocktails Packaging

Our packaging is the result of many evaluations and analyzes. It wants to be iconic and different, but also light and compact so it could be transported using fewer trucks, which in turn results in fewer emissions. It is eco-friendly: the external pa


Today we are Carbon Neutral. The reforestation project with UP2YOU compensates the greenhouse gas emissions produced by our activities to contribute to the global fight against Climate Change. Tomorrow we will be Net Zero. Our ultimate goal is to ach

We are carbon neutral

Our Carbon Neutral initiative supports concrete projects for the protection of the environment, offsetting NIO Cocktails CO2 emissions by directly involving local populations. Working with Up2YOU, a study was conducted to evaluate the greenhouse emis


We love taking care of people and making them feel good. That is why we support a culture of alcohol moderation and responsibility (strictly to consumers over the drinking age). We are actively anti-binge drinking: while we want people to enjoy the h