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Hosting or gifting? Here's some help to build the right box.


The perfect box for a GIN lover

NIO Cocktails Gin Cocktail Box - £39. Features our best-selling gin cocktails - including 2 each of our award-winning Negroni and Gin Proved. The Gin Cocktail Box provides a gin tasting from the classic bitter-sweet to classic sours that both expert

The perfect box for a RUM lover

Nothing quite beats a delightfully refreshing rum cocktail, and we guarantee our pre-mixed rum-based cocktails will transport you to a sandy paradise. Mai Tai. With rich notes of candied orange peel and dark treacle from Ron Santiago de Cuba Rum, zes

The perfect box for a TEQUILA lover

Whether there's a party or a fun vacation, our range of pre-mixed tequila-based cocktails is sure to delight!. Our delightful Tommy’s Margarita cocktail was featured on This Morning with Holly Willoughby for its bright, citrusy and refreshing variati

The perfect box for a WHISKEY lover

The Whiskey Cocktail Box - £39. Our Whiskey Cocktail Box is filled with 6 delicious, classic whiskey-based cocktails that any and all whiskey lovers will appreciate. Whether they’re a seasoned whiskey drinker or new to the spirit, this box has a grea

The perfect box for a VODKA lover

We’ve got you covered with an impressive selection of pre-mixed vodka cocktails that can be gifted to any vodka enthusiast. From the refreshing bittersweet Vodka Sour to our own signature cocktail, the Garden of Russia is an unusual, fresh and fragra

The perfect box for a SWEET cocktail lover

Looking for a sweet treat? Our range of premium, ready-to-drink sweet cocktails will certainly hit the spot. Features sweet classics such as the Cosmopolitan, and Daiquiri as well as our refreshing signature drink, the Gin Proved. Build your own 3, 6

The perfect box for a FRUITY cocktail lover

We have a wide selection of ready-to-drink fruity cocktails, from the modern classic Cosmopolitan, the refreshing Daiquiri and even our own signature cocktail the Garden of Russia. A modern classic with Ketel One, the tangy-sweet orange of Cointreau,


A mixology classic that requires little introduction, the Espresso Martini is a must-have in your home bar for pre or post-dinner or sipping. The NIO spin on this beloved classic marries silky Ketel One Vodka with FAIR. Cafe Liqueur to create a sumpt

The perfect box for LOW/NON ALCOHOLIC

The Negroni Next, our next-gen lower-alcohol cocktail, will leave you pleasantly surprised. Not only does it have the same texture as the original, but the legendary bitter top notes of Angostura, suffused with orange peel. clove, cherry, rhubarb and