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The perfect box for a RUM loverUpdated 2 months ago

Nothing quite beats a delightfully refreshing rum cocktail, and we guarantee our pre-mixed rum-based cocktails will transport you to a sandy paradise.

Mai Tai

With rich notes of candied orange peel and dark treacle from Ron Santiago de Cuba Rum, zesty fresh citrus from lime and Cointreau, and warm earthy spices from Orgeat Liqueur, this is truly the king of Tiki cocktails.


The Daiquiri is typically enjoyed in the summer with the warmth of the sun soaking into your skin. we believe it’s a perfectly acceptable cocktail to enjoy all year round given how refreshing it is… and the memories it will undoubtedly conjure! Combining white rum, citrus and liquid sugar this popular, classic cocktail is one of the most well-balanced drinks around.

Cuban Negroni

This cocktail features the same ingredients that won our classic Negroni multiple awards: Vermouth, Cocchi, Campari and aromatic bitters. The Cuban addition comes from Ron Santiago de Cuba 11-year-old Extra Añejo. The perfect moment to enjoy the Cuban Negroni is just before dinner. The surprising tropical twist will intrigue your guests and impress those who appreciate a re-invented classic.

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